World Energy Day 2020


Conference theme: “The Future of Energy in Africa: Innovation |Efficiency |Interoperability”.
21st – 23rd OCTOBER









World Energy Day 2020

The 2020 World Energy Day (WED) Conference will be held from 21st to 23rd October 2020 as a culmination of the week-long World Energy Day celebrations by individuals and organizations across various sectors of the economy, from both the public and private space. This year’s WED is being organized jointly by Eenovators Limited and Ariya Finergy.

During the past years, WED celebrations have been organized to raise awareness of the need for energy efficiency and prudent management across the region and to underpin the critical role this plays in business growth and profitability. This conference is set to bring together key players in the energy sector, as well as expert speakers from around the globe to address key issues that will shape energy sustainability in Africa. The conference will also serve to showcase brilliant ideas developed by the youth in the Energy Innovation Challenge as well as award outstanding professionals in the energy sector in East Africa.

What is World Energy Day

The World Energy Day (WED) is observed yearly on October 22nd to raise awareness of global energy-related issues. It was first proclaimed on July 22, at the World Energy Forum 2012. World Energy Day is celebrated internationally to raise awareness of the need to rally around the creation and implementation of policies that increase energy efficiency and conserve natural resources. The aim of World Energy Day is to demonstrate the impact of energy choices made with regards to production and use on the environment at large.

Why Participate in the World Energy Day Celebrations?

Participating in the World Energy Day Celebrations provides the opportunity for energy-focused individuals and organizations around the world to demonstrate their commitment to energy management and environmental conservation. Organizations that make a conscious decision to participate in the WED celebrations do so to: acknowledge the organizations’ bold step to be part of the energy management and conservation agenda; indicate the value they place on being energy conscious and implementing energy conservation measures; and highlight the efforts in place to have a culture of good environmental awareness and best practice.

Individuals, on the other hand, have the opportunity to be part of a growing movement that recognizes the critical role that energy plays in running the world.

WED provides individuals an opportunity to share and acquire pertinent knowledge on the industry, network with peers in industry and to identify ways to create an impact.

What are the local plans?

In Kenya, Eenovators Ltd in partnership with Ariya Finergy is creating awareness of the World Energy Day Celebrations and promoting participation. Eenovators and Ariya Finergy will coordinate the 2020 World Energy Day Celebration activities as the central organizing bodies.

The celebrations will run from Monday, 19th October right through to Friday 23rd October 2020. Organizations interested in registering their participation will need to provide their registration details to Eenovators for inclusion. There is a growing interest from organizations both in the private and public sector to take part in this initiative.

WED Conference

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Participating in the World Energy Day Celebrations provides organizations with a platform to:

Recognize and appreciate initiatives already in place to conserve energy

Remind staff and customers of the organization’s commitment to energy management

Recognize and appreciate the different roles staff play to ensure good energy practice

Document and celebrate milestones achieved towards energy savings

Raise awareness internally and externally on the importance of clean energy initiatives

How to Participate in the 2020 World Energy Day Celebrations?

Confirm your participation with Eenovators Ltd by sending a registration request
using the form below.

Develop ideas on how to celebrate World Energy Day as an organization.

Implement the planned activities during the World Energy Day Celebrations
from 19th to 23rd October 2020.

Report on your World Energy Day activities using the template provided once you register.